Our Mission

For nearly two decades, we have been doing the impossible, assisting our clients to settle their legal issues without spending an outrageous amount of money on legal fees.​

How do we do it? It's simple, we work hard and accept every case as a new challenge. A way of learning a more simple way to get things settled so our clients can move on with their life with minimal long term effects on their lives.

We have the hardest working and most skilled negotiators on our team. We won't stop until we get you what you want, it's that simple. 

We know there are other companies out there and we know what we are charging. It's baffling why anyone would want to pay a monthly fee to have their credit cleaned up, what is the incentive to getting it done quickly? We charge you a one time fee to repair your credit and erase your debt. Not a monthly fee.

Business Issues. Let us help you protect your intellectual property rights and trade secrets. In todays world, theft of intellectual property can be a big problem, let us make these problems go away.

Our trade secrets are very effective. We have vast experience dealing with countless issues and strive to be the best for our clients.

​Have Credit Issues Stopping You from a Better Life? Let us help, for our special low price of just $39.99 per creditor*, we clean your credit and make bad credit issues go away...forever!

We are not a consolidation company, we do not believe in creating new debt, we work hard to get rid of old debt...forever. 


Order Today Only $39.99 Per Creditor


We are a unique company and we cover many areas from credit scrubbing to divorce. Regardless of the problem, we have an affordable solution for you!


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